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Hot Air Balloon Night Light

Hot Air Balloon Night Light

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Introducing the whimsical Hot Air Balloon Night Light, a must-have for any dreamer’s bedroom! This enchanting night light is expertly 3D printed to capture every intricate detail of a classic red and white striped hot air balloon, complete with a charming basket attached. The design also features cloud cutouts, allowing the soft glow to create a magical effect as it shines through the clouds behind the balloon. This wall-mounted nightlight is the perfect addition to any nursery or child’s room, adding a touch of wonder and warmth to the nighttime routine.

Each one is truly unique, thanks to the 3D printing process that creates subtle differences in texture and color. Crafted from sturdy yet lightweight PLA plastic on our Bamboo Printer, the balloon features a charming red and white design while the basket boasts a rich brown hue. With an easy on/off switch located on the back of the balloon, recessed holes for mounting, and a gentle LED light, this night light is both practical and whimsical. Simply plug it in and watch as your space is transformed into a cozy and magical retreat.

Product Dimensions:

Height:  13"

Width:  7"

Depth:  8.25"

The original design of the Hot Air Balloon comes from STLFLIX, and we are thrilled to be an authorized seller.

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