We are a family-run small business based in the charming town of Rogersville, Missouri. Our store offers unique products that are all handcrafted by myself, Deinna Hill, or by members of my talented family - including my husband, Josh Hill, my mom, Vicky Southard, and my daughter, Zoe Hill. Each item is made with care, ensuring that you receive a one-of-a-kind piece when you shop with us.


Deinna Hill

Art has been a constant presence in my life since childhood, where I spent my days sketching, crafting gifts for loved ones, and exploring my creativity outdoors by constructing intricate fairy houses from natural materials. Throughout my college years, I delved into various artistic endeavors, including pottery, three-dimensional art, and painting. Initially, I struggled to narrow down my focus due to my diverse interests. However, I eventually honed in on painting as my primary area of concentration while still indulging in other creative pursuits. Additionally, my college provided a unique work-study program that allowed me to gain hands-on experience in crafting stained glass art. Despite my passion for the arts, I maintained a keen interest in the sciences, particularly the intricate workings of the human body and mind. Consequently, in 2001, I graduated from the esteemed College of the Ozarks with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Art, with an emphasis in Painting. Subsequently, I pursued a certification in Massage Therapy, opting for what I deemed a more pragmatic career path. After more than two decades of running my own massage therapy practice, I made the decision to retire and pursue my passion for art.

My husband and I have engaged in numerous collaborative endeavors over the years. We share a mutual entrepreneurial spirit, leading us to envision the establishment of an eclectic store that showcases our individual artistic abilities as well as our combined creations. My mother, Vicky, resides and works alongside us, serving as a significant source of my creative lineage. In her partial retirement, she has taken up the art of stained glass, bringing another layer of creativity through her diverse background in various crafts. Additionally, our daughter Zoe possesses a wealth of artistic talent, contributing her skills through intricate illustrations.


Josh Hill


Vicky Southard

From my earliest days as a child, I have found immense pleasure in the art of manual craftsmanship. This passion has remained a constant in my life, leading me to explore a wide array of creative pursuits such as candle making, basket weaving, ceramics, jewelry crafting, macrame, creating molds, and painting them.

During my formative years, I delved into the meticulous work of auto-body repair, welding, painting cars, and constructing limousines. Presently, I collaborate with my son-in-law Josh in his sign shop, where I meticulously apply vinyl to materials such as coroplast, max metal, and banners.

In my current state of semi-retirement, I have embarked on new artistic endeavors involving stained glass and the intricate craft of epoxy resin creations. As long as I am working with my hands, my heart is content.