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Asymmetrical Purple and Gold Rock

Asymmetrical Purple and Gold Rock

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Behold the stunning Asymmetrical Purple and Gold Rock, a true masterpiece of hand-painted artistry. This unique rock features mesmerizing rich acrylic hues of regal purple, shimmering gold, and bright white dot design creating a visually striking contrast against the textured surface. Set against a pristine white background with elegant gold accents, the center design begins on the left side of the rock, making it delightfully asymmetrical. Each carefully placed dot adds depth and dimension to this one-of-a-kind creation and protected with a durable acrylic sealant, ensuring that its vibrant colors will last for years to come.

Perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any space

Product Dimensions:

Height: 23.5" (on stand) 3.25"

Width:  3.75"

Comes with the Acrylic stand pictured

Hand-painted and designed by Deinna Hill.

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