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Zombat Hand-painted

Zombat Hand-painted

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Prepare to be spooked and delighted by our 3D-printed zombie bat! This hauntingly adorable creature is hand-painted with macabre precision, showcasing its gruesomely cute details. Its acrylic paint, sealed for longevity, glows ominously in the dark, adding an eerie dimension to this undead masterpiece. The intricate artistry captures the bat’s gruesome charm, making it a perfect conversation starter for the macabre enthusiast or a playful touch of horror for your home décor.

Featuring clever foot clips, you can display this macabre masterpiece in a variety of angles. And behold its haunting wings, complete with rubberband attachment points, allowing them to snap out. 

This mesmerizing creature is not mass-produced but meticulously crafted through the innovative 3D printing process, giving each bat its own unique character. Its intricate texture and color variations are a testament to the artistry of its creation. Cast from enduring and feather-light PLA plastic

Product dimensions;

Height: 5", with stand 6.475"

Width:  10"

The original design of the Zombat comes from MatMire Makes, and we are thrilled to be an authorized seller, bringing you this creation.

Hand-painted by Deinna Hill

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