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Vukan Vase

Vukan Vase

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Behold the Vukan Vase, a masterpiece of modern artistry. Crafted through the marvel of 3D printing, this exquisite piece is adorned with transparent blue gradiated filament, creating a mesmerizing display of color. Its intricate geometric cutouts add a touch of elegance, while giving it a unique and contemporary edge. The vase exudes a frozen look, as if time itself has been captured within its delicate form. Each angle reveals a new facet of its beauty, drawing the eye in with its enchanting allure.

This piece is crafted using a cutting-edge 3D printing process that results in slight variations in texture and color, making each vase truly one-of-a-kind. Made from durable and lightweight PLA plastic, the vase features a stunning blue transparent gradiated filament.

Product Dimensions:

Height:  8.25"

Diameter: 6.5"


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