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Tall Cactus with Yellow Flowers

Tall Cactus with Yellow Flowers

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Behold the stunning Tall Cactus with Yellow Flowers, a masterpiece of nature’s beauty captured in stained glass. This 3D cactus features a vibrant yellow stained glass flower blooming at its peak, with delicate yellow flower accents adorning its sides. Set in a rustic terra cotta tray filled with earthy stones, this lifelike plant brings a touch of the desert into any space. Perfect for those who desire the beauty of nature without the worry of upkeep, this cactus symbolizes resilience and everlasting charm. Add a pop of color and life to your home or office with this exquisite creation that will never wither or fade.

Product Dimensions:

Height:  6.75"

Width: 4"

Depth: 4"

This creation is handcrafted by Deinna Hill

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