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Owl Business Card Holder

Owl Business Card Holder

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Elevate your desk decor with this charming Owl Business Card Holder! This unique piece is expertly crafted using 3D printing technology to bring to life a detailed horned owl sitting on a perch. The owl’s wise and watchful eyes will keep a close guard on your important business cards, which can be neatly displayed in the holder beside it. This whimsical and functional accessory is perfect for adding a touch of personality to your workspace. Whether you’re a night owl burning the midnight oil or just an admirer of these majestic creatures, this Owl Business Card Holder is sure to make a statement. Make a hoot at your next meeting with this delightful desk accessory!

Each holder is one-of-a-kind, thanks to the innovative 3D printing process that creates slight variations in texture and color. Crafted from durable and lightweight PLA plastic, the holder features a striking red, gold, and black gradiated filament that adds a touch of elegance to your office decor.

Product Dimensions:

Height: 6.25"

Width:  7.25"

Depth:  3"


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