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Huginn-Raven on a Branch

Huginn-Raven on a Branch

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Behold Huginn, the enigmatic raven from Norse mythology perched upon an ancient branch, where secrets whisper. This 3D-printed masterpiece, crafted in rich copper and adorned with hand-painted shimmering metallic turquoise accents, evokes the intricate beauty of carved wood. As Huginn’s keen gaze pierces the unknown, his role as Odin’s faithful messenger unfolds. Witness the union of technology and ancient lore, where Huginn’s ethereal form captures the magic of myth and the precision of modern artistry.

Each creation is a testament to its unique origins, with subtle variations in texture and color. Constructed from durable and lightweight PLA plastic, Huginn is both sturdy and graceful. The rich copper of its feathers and hand-painted metallic turquoise accents contrasts beautifully with the natural wood-colored branch, creating a harmonious blend of the digital and the organic. 

Huginn’s branch features holes designed for secure wall mounting.  Huginn can be easily removed for easy mounting of the branch to the wall.

Product Dimensions:

Height: 7.5"

Width: 6.25"

Depth: 10.50"

The original design of Huginn comes from STLFLIX, and we are thrilled to be an authorized seller, bringing you this creation
Hand-painting by Deinna Hill

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