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Hellhound Chihuahua

Hellhound Chihuahua

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Introducing the Hellhound Chihuahua - a twisted, imaginative, creature brought to life through the magic of 3D printing. This edgy creation combines the fierce and mysterious aura of a hellhound with the pint-sized cuteness of a chihuahua, sure to make a statement wherever they go.

This otherworldly creature is one-of-a-kind, with slight variations in texture and color that makes it truly stand out from the crowd. Crafted from durable and lightweight PLA plastic, these fierce little creatures are not only eye-catching but also built to last, though not intended for rough play.  This unique creation features a dual-colored filament of shimmering gold and mysterious purple, giving it an otherworldly appearance. With its fierce yet adorable demeanor, this chihuahua is sure to turn heads and spark conversations

Approximate dimensions:

Length:  6.25"

Height:  4.50"

The Hellhound Chihuahua, is a fierce and fearless creation from Twisty Prints. As an authorized seller, we are proud to offer this edgy and original design to all Chihuahua lovers out there.

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