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Epic Articulating Dragon

Epic Articulating Dragon

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Behold the grandeur of our Epic Articulated Dragon! This meticulously 3D-printed masterpiece embodies the majesty of Renaissance art, with its intricate detailing and lifelike articulations. From its shimmering red, gold, and black scales to its towering wings, every element is a testament to our artisanship. Watch in awe as its tail, arms, feet, and head move with astonishing fluidity, bringing this mythical creature to life before your very eyes. A true triumph of form and function, this Epic Articulated Dragon will enchant and inspire for generations to come.

Each dragon is unique, boasting subtle variations in texture and color, a testament to the intricate process that brought it to life. Crafted from durable yet lightweight PLA plastic, its black, red, and gold filament weaves together an enchanting fusion of elements. Its articulated design grants unparalleled possibility, allowing you to capture the essence of flight, battle, or repose, though not intended for rough play.

Product Dimensions:

Height: 19"

Width:  25.5"

Depth:  15" (With tail Curled around body of dragon) 26.5" (With Tail fully extended behind dragon)

The original design of the Epic Articulating Dragon comes from STLFLIX, and we are thrilled to be an authorized seller, bringing you this creation.

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